Our Expertise

You are confronted to a technical problem which doesn’t have standard answer?
You would like to improve your productivity and do save time for your operators?
You would like to improve the security of your operators during your production or maintenance operations and reduce MSD risks?

The Berthier Equipements teams are here to find, with you, the best solution. We are a company specialized in conception and realization of specific equipment in multiple industry sectors (Nuclear, Industry, defense…)

For more than 30 years we offered a complete range of services for each step of your project. The full cycle control of our products offers you the insurance to have only one interlocutor during all steps of your project.

Since 2017, Berthier Equipements also support you on all phases of PLM solution implementation. That allows you to manage your biggest projects and the development of your equipment from the first design to the dismantling.

Concerned by the environment, Berthier Equipements participates to several research projects, with the aim to propose automatic processes, environment friendly and economical in term of resources. It’s, keeping in mind this eco-responsibility, that we work on some projects of research bringing ecologic and economic gains.

Our Certifications


Berthier Equipements is constantly improving the services to its clients.

This approach is materialized by the obtention of the ISO 9001 certification, more than 10 years ago. It has been renewed in 2018.

The process in place in our structure constitute a tool set for the quality and respect of commitments to our customers taken by our team.

Since April 2019, Berthier Equipements is certified CEFRI E (French regulation mandatory to operate in facilities with radioactive emissions). Our operators have the abilities to directly get into radiation zones such as the reactor buildings of Nuclear Power Plants.

We are committed to contribute with you to the zero risk activities by certifying CE all our machines.

Our services

Specific Equipment 


Berthier Equipements is specialized since more than 30 years in conception and realization of specific equipment.

For each industrial problematic, we propose you a tailor-made solution that allows you to save time in complete safety.

Eco Treat


Almost all metallic materials can have optimized properties with functional surface coating.

We work in partnership with some specialized companies in order to propose you :

  • Automatic processes, respectful of the environment and resources efficient.
  • Certified systems for the quality insurance and environmental management which guarantee you a maximal reliability.

In all this research with our different partners we inspire ourselves as much as possible of the nature and we implement as much as possible biomimicry.


PLM Methodology


The PLM Tools (Product Lifecycle Management) allows to optimize the conception and industrial production and to improve the communication process within companies.

Berthier Equipement accompany you on all phases of implementation of a PLM solution:

  • From the analysis of your organization and of your process structuration to the choice of the software the most adapted to your company, 
  • Including data loading, the optimization of the software and training your staff to use the software.


Our Customers

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