Our services

Berthier Equipement is specialized in design and manufacturing of specific machines.

Since more than 30 years we propose you a complete range of services for each step of your project. We adapt our offer to your needs and we can intervene as well on one phase as on the complete life cycle of the equipment, from preliminary drafts to the installation and maintenance.

For each industrial problematic we propose you a tailor-made solution that allows you to save time in complete safety.

The management of the complete cycle of our products give you the guarantee of quality and the insurance to have only one interlocutor for each step of your project: Berthier Equipements.


The phase of Preliminary-project is an essential phase. It allows to properly identify the problematic and be prepared to answer it, in a satisfactorily manner.

This phase is divided in two parts:

  • The specification that allows to formalize your needs and the objectives of the product
  • The feasibility that allows starting from a functional analysis and a FMECA to determine the solutions more adapted to answer to the constraints. This phase also integrates the optimizations aspects in term of cost and delays.

At the end of this phase we are able to give you the first data to illustrate the selected solution.


The conception phase is the heart of the product development.

It’s more than 30 years that our expert team realizes the digital model as well as the definition plans and manufacturing plans. This is our main core competence.

Our know-how in mechanic, electronic and automatism allows us to realize the integration of pneumatic, hydraulic and electric equipment

At the end of this phase we are in grade to give you a robust folder of definition.


We subcontract the main part of the manufacturing phase of our products to specialists. That allows us to have access to an extended machines park.

In that scope we carefully select our suppliers and we establish with them a long-term partnership.

This indispensable step allows us to guarantee the quality of our prestation.

The assembly phase is crucial in the finalization of a product.

We always realize it in house. The assembly of our equipment is as much as possible realized by the team in charge of conception and design of the equipment.

That allows us to win in reactivity as we realize the necessary adjustment and to propose you the equipment optimized and functional in the best delay.


For our customers in nuclear field, each equipment is installed in hot zone (radioactive zone). It’s then not possible to take them back. Therefore, we have to deliver a functional equipment at the first time.

We then decided to test individually each equipment before delivery. This is done for any equipment we deliver and not only the one for Nuclear activities.

Site Installation

If requested, we send a team to install our equipment on your site including in radioactive areas with our CEFRI E certification.

During this phase, or later on, we can train your operators to the use and maintenance of our equipment.


We only realize the maintenance of our equipment.

Our certification CEFRI E allows us to enter in radioactive zones in order to insure the preventive and curative maintenance of our equipment.