Berthier Etudes company was founded in 1972 by Mr BERTHIER Michel.
At the beginning the design office was specialized in conception of machines destinated to the transformation of thermoplatics materials (injection press).

The second great petroleum shock of 1976 obliged the company to give up this activity sector and to move to special machines conception.

In 1992 BERTHIER ETUDES joined the company BERTHIER ROM (precision machining)

In 2000 the design office leaved the « la croix rousse » premises in Lyon downtown to settle down in the BERTHIER ROM company in Vaulx en Velin, in the suburbs of Lyon

In 2001 Berthier Etudes with his partner and thanks to the new industrial environment took a new fresh boost working with large groups: RHODIA, MERIEUX, VELAN and all Nuclear Power Plants (NPP’s) in France.

In July 2013 BERTHIER ETUDES was acquired by Mr MERLE Philippe it’s present leader.

Since 2016, BERTHIER ETUDES took also the trade name of BERTHIER EQUIPEMENTS in order to clearly appear as a specific equipment provider.

Being concerned by the environment, since 2015 Berthier Equipements participated through its business unit « ECOTREAT » to several research projects to propose automatic processes more respectful of the environment and resources efficient.

In 2017 BERTHIER EQUIPEMENTS diversify its activity, in association with « Ingénierie et Conseils » to answer to the customer request about the PLM methodology.

In 2019 in order to further diversify and develop the activity in South of France, the company opened a second site on Vitrolles (between Aix en Provence and Marseille).