Business sectors

To each industrial problematic we are here to find a solution. Berthier Equipements intervene in the fields having in common a High level of requirement. Thanks to our customer we have particularly developed an expertise in the domains: Nuclear, Industry and Defense, with environment respectful solutions.


Our experience of more than 30 years in conception and manufacturing of equipment for the maintenance of Nuclear Power Plants allows us to design innovant robust and reliable equipment, following the nuclear exigences.

Our tools used in irradiated areas allow operators to:

  • Save time
  • Receive less radiation dose in:
    • Reducing exposition time to radiations
    • Allowing the remote control to some operations.


Thanks to our experience in nuclear field we can apply our knowledges in service of general Industry.

Our equipment allow you to save time and money in security.
Whether in production or in maintenance our equipment will be an assistance and an easier way for the operators to accomplish their tasks. The ergonomic of our tools enable also to simplify and assist the operations, limiting the accident risks and Musculo Skeletal Disorders (MSD).


We produce several systems of ventilation used on navy ships: from nuclear submarine to aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle.

These systems were designed and realized to resist to the aggressive conditions of sea operations and they follow the military standards.


Concerned by the environment Berthier Equipements works in partnership with specialized companies in order to propose:

  • Automatic processes respectful of the environment and resources friendly,
  • Certified systems for the quality insurance and environmental management which guarantee you a maximal reliability.

Nowadays the ecology takes more and more place in the industry. However, a good ecologic project can only be acceptable if it proposes economic savings. We keep in mind this point to be sure that our solutions bring you an ecologic gain but also an economical gain

In all these research, we are inspired as much as possible by nature and we set up biomimicry.