Our services

We study different type of ecologic coating allowing to functionalize surfaces.

We bring or increase some additional functions to the surfaces such as corrosion protection, anti-dirt and hydrophobicity or increased resistance to abrasion.

For reasons of environment the coating and process that we use with our partner are dry coating in opposition to wet application coating. This last type of coating needs in general products likes acids cyanide etc. they need an important quantity of energy (heater cooling or electrolyze) and they finally need to be retreated.

Nowadays the environment is more and more taken into account in the industry. However, a good ecologic project can only be acceptable if it proposes economic savings. That’s why we keep in mind this factor to be sure that our solutions bring you ecologic gain but also economics gains.

We propose you:

  • Coatings that simplify stripping paint (for example on supports of parts to be painted).
  • Coating allowing easiest unmold for plastic or metallics molded parts.
  • Stripping hard Materials.
  • Painting without solvent, presenting corrosion protection, anti-dirty protection and resistant to external conditions: UV and other…